Light Sport Flying is controlled by the FAA Aircraft are FAA Approved Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) FAA Certified Instructors Aircraft maintained by FAA Certified Aircraft & Power (A&P) Technician FAA  mandated 100 hour Maintenance Inspections For those interested in reading the FAA provides  free PDF down loads .
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Atlanta Sport Flying Home Flights Training Flying Club For Sale X Country Directions Contact Click for Utube video -  flying in 30mph wind showing stability and great gliding capabilities   of P&M aircraft 	Fun, Safe, Affordable Flying  - book an Intro flight to learn about Light Sport Flying 	Great views of Lake Lanier and the Georgia Mountains - see the Fall Colors from the air 	Training and introductory Flights available 7 days a week 	Atlanta Sport Flying  can provide Flight Training, Aircraft Purchase advice, and operating assistance for Trikes and Airplanes - ranging from Ultralight soaring trikes (powered Hang-gliders) to 100mph plus Light Sport Airplanes - just let us know what you are interested in 	FAA Certified Flight instructor with  over 2000 hours in light aircraft  	Sport Pilot only requires 20 hours of flying (15 hours dual instruction and 5 hours solo) - using the Flying Club Aircraft the Sport Pilot Training can be completed in 2 weeks  	Mild Atlanta winters allow all year flying  	An intro flight makes a great Gift Intro Flight Details Gift Certificates
Join The Light Sport Flying Club. Use of Club aircraft Weight Shift Control (Trike) and Airplane Cost effective path to Sport Pilot Ideal for those interested in Light Sport Flying but with limited time and money to invest
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Pegasus and Mainair (P&M) Aviation have been building Trikes since the early 80s and have been at the front of the Trike  industry with many innovation:- o Including In-fight Trim; Use of Rotax 912 engines; The original Quik wing lead to a new generation of ‘Fast’  Trike wings; Finned wheel pants for increased stability at high speed. Note - the strutted wing was a US invention from North Wing P&M aviation Trikes meet the demanding UK Section S airworthiness standards which includes load and flight testing P&M Trikes have been used in severe weather condition on two around the world flights and on multiple UK  to Australia flights  Book an introductory flight in the P&M Quik GTR
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No Sport Pilot License required - but training is required and available. Easy to transport in virtually any car
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Sport Pilot Flight Instruction Weight Shift Control (Trike) or Airplane and The Light Sport Flying Club
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