Atlanta Sport Flying
Around the World by Trike
Here are few links to some interesting flights in Microlights  - note a UK Microlight is similar to a US LSA, with a slighty lower weight limit. 2011 - Dave Syke’s England to Australia flight (11,714 nautical miles ) in a Pegasus & Mainair (P&M) Quik - very similar to the Quik GT450 Link to Brian Milton's web site with interesting video of his long distance flights Videos Includes 1987-  London to Sydney  in a Shadow aircraft power by a Rotax 447 two stroke 1994 - A group of UK Microlights fly from London to Paris across the channel  in very wet weather - a good collection of trikes - Pegasus, Mainair, Medway an occasional 3-axis Thruster 1998 - Brian's Flight around the world in a Pegasus Quantum trike  - predecessor to the P&M Quik Range Also a nice video of two GT450s flying in the French Alps 
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