Atlanta Sport Flying
Sport Pilot Requirements
A Private Pilot Certificate required a minimum of 40 hours training, but as the FAA  has continuously added material it typically takes 60 to 70 hours - considerable investment in time and money Sport Pilot required less time and can be completed for Weight Shift (Trikes) aircraft in or near to the minimum of 15 hours instruction - main reason is that the Practical Test Standard manoeuvres are much easier to fly in a Trike than an Airplane The aeronautical experience for Sport Pilot is defined in Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61 Subpart J paragraph 61.313 20 hours flight including 15 hours of training (dual with an instructor) 5 hours of supervised solo 2 hours of cross country flight training (dual with instructor) One solo cross country of at least 50 nautical miles (for Weight Shift Control) – one full stop landing  at a minimum of two points, one segment a minimum of 25 nautical miles 10 take-offs and landings 3 hours of training within 60 days of the practical test date. In addition to the above a multiple choice written test must be taken - it is recommended a training packager is purchase from Gleim or similar provider early in the training sequence as preparation for the written test will help with the flying in areas such as principles of flight, airport operations, cross country planning.
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