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An Air Experience Flight Makes a Great Birthday, Christmas or Special Occasion Gift  - Prices from $119
An ideal introduction to Light Sport Flying.  Your FAA Certified Flight Instructor will provide a short briefing on what to expect during the flight then secure you into passenger seat and fit the helmet and intercom system, which coupled with the four stroke engine provides a low noise environment for easy conversation.  Once you and the instructor are secure the engine is started, pre-takeoff checks completed, and within a few minutes you are lined up on the runway ready for take-off.  Take-off is an exhilarating experience and within seconds you are a few hundred feet above the runway.  The aircraft quickly reaches a safe altitude to leave the airport and you are enjoying great views of the Georgia country side. On clear days Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, and the Georgia Mountains are clearly visible in the distance.  You will notice the stability of the aircraft and how the instructor only requires a very light touch on the controls.  There is time to fly to, and around, a local lake with good views of the Atlanta Drag Race Strip.  Then it is back to the airport, the proper entry pattern to the airport is demonstrated followed by a smooth landing back onto the runway and a taxi back to the hangar. What a great experience to recount to your friends or post on Facebook!
Similar to Introflight 20, but with more time to enjoy the great views and experience the thrill of Light Sport Flying.  The extra time allows you, as an option, to take control of the aircraft in straight and level plus gently turns. The flight is normally conducted with very gently maneuvers but if requested the instructor can demonstrate steeper turns, climbs and descents which will get your adrenaline running!  The flight allows time to demonstrate the maneuverability and glide capability of the hang glider style wing – a great safety feature as any small field is a potential landing site.
IntroFlight 20 - $119
IntroFlight 40 - $189
IntroFlight 70 - $285
Includes all the features of the shorter flights but the extra time allows a flight to scenic Lake Lanier and the approaches to the Georgia Mountains.  Parts of the flight are flown at 500ft giving great low level views of the country side, plus as an option,  there is time to climb as high 5000ft which in an open cockpit is a fantastic experience with expansive views of Georgia.


Helen Alpine Village in GA