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The Light Sport Flying Club - Atlanta Georgia 
The Light Sport Flying Club is ideal for those who are not a position to invest the required time and money in aircraft ownership. Members can buy an Equity Fractional Share in an aircraft which will allow them to fly the solo hours required for Sport Pilot. After gaining Sport Pilot the aircraft will be available for solo flight The Equity Fractional Share is $4000 which is fully refundable on leaving the club. There  is an hourly fee to cover the aircraft running costs such as hangar, gas, oil,  maintenance, engine overhauls.  $100 for the Airborne Redback, $120 for the Rans S12. For Weight Shift Control an Airborne Redback with Wizard wing is available - this is  a great trike for student training and low time pilots - it cruises at a relaxed 40 to 45 mph, stall speed is under 30mph allowing slow approach and landing speeds.   .
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For Airplane a Rans S12 will be utilized. The S12 is an ideal Light Sport Training aircraft with a slow 55mph approach and 70mph cruise.  It is slow enough for those wishing to fly  QuickSilver and Ultralight style aircraft yet fast enough to allow an easy transition to the sleeker Light Sport Aircraft. Click the picture for link to Rans Site.
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