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Sport Pilot Reference and Reading Material
The easiest and most cost effective way to gain the knowledge for Sport Pilot is to Purchase a training package such as available from Gleim Sport Pilot Kit with Online Ground School The kit includes: Flight Bag Flight Computer FAR/AIM FAA Test Prep Online-Sport Pilot Logbook On-line Communication Course Gleim On-line Ground School for Sport Pilots Sport Pilot Handbook Plotter Sport Pilot Flight Manoeuvres and Practical Test Prep book Sport Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Book Sport Pilot Syllabus Book Sport Pilot Training Record Book Not included in the package and required for Weight Shift Control is the FAA publication FAA-H-8083-5 - Weight Shift Control Flying Handbook - this is a free PDF download but can also be bought on-line. If buying on-line be sure to get the full size color copy, you’ll see cheaper versions but they can be black and white and a waste of money  - recommend  the pilot store It also useful to familiarize yourself with the aircraft operating manual - the manuals are available on line Other items can also be purchased at pilot stores such as Sporty’s Pilot Shop  or Also not in the Gleim package is a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) Sectional Chart - the chart is required for cross country flying and provides major ground reference features, airspace, airports and ground elevations - Training is from Jackson County Airport which is on the Atlanta Chart If you have a tablet or smart phone Sectional Charts and accompanying flight planning software can be downloaded from Garman or Foreflight.   Both offer a free trial download after that a yearly subscription is required. By planning trial cross countries the Apps are a fun way to learn the about Sectional Charts Airspace, Airports  and cross country planning.  Aviation weather  and notices to airman is provided by a free services DUATS Service.  To register you will need a students pilot certificate number  which will be issued when you start training S
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