In 2006 the FAA introduced a new class of aircraft termed Light Sport and a new Light Sport Pilot certificate which have helped reduce the cost of flying.  The original FAR 103 Ultra-light rules have also been retain which still provide a very cost effective approach to flying for those where single seat operation (no  passengers)  is adequate – a great way to start flying at minimal investment There are different classes of Light Sport Aircraft including Airplane and Weight Shift Control (WSC).   Atlantic Sport Flying  uses  a P&M Quik GT450 as the training aircraft - the GT450 is an ideal training machine with very predictable low and high speed handing providing student with the skills required to fly FAR 103 ultralight or high performance two seat trikes. Fun and Affordable Flying FAA Certified Instructor FAA approved Light Sport Aircraft Introductory Flying Lessons Sport Pilot Instruction T Sayer Revision 18 Flying is from Jackson County Airport (I85 Junction 140) about 1 hour north of downtown Atlanta. To get started either email or phone 561-634- 0866 to arrange a demonstration flight or talk in more detail about training and aircrafts election. Hangar space can be provided. For more detail on the P&M Aviation range of aircraft  see Tel 561-634-0866