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Sport Pilot Instruction Weight Shift Control (Trike) or Airplane
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Light Sport Flying is controlled by the FAA Aircraft is a FAA Approved Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Pilot is a FAA Certified Instructor - with over 2000 hours flying Light Aircraft Aircraft maintained by FAA Certified Aircraft & Power (A&P) Technician FAA  mandated 100 hour Maintenance Inspections For those interested in reading the FAA provides a free down load FAA-H-8083-5 - Weight Shift Control Flying Handbook - www.faa.gov/library/manuals/aircraft/media/FAA-H- 8083-5.pdf
Assistance with Buying  and Operating your own Aircraft
Demonstration flights in P&M Quik GTR - visit the P&M Aviation UK   and P&M Aviation USA web sites 
Great views of Lake Lanier and the Georgia Mountains
	Fun, Safe, Affordable Flying email/text/call to arrange an Introductory Flight - more info under Intro Tab
Cost effective path to Sport Pilot via Part Shares in Airbourne Redback Trike - more information under Training Tab
GTR at Fly-in near Columbia SC - 250 mile round trip
GTR returning from  Fly-in near Columbia SC - 7000ft at 80mph
Great Views of Lake Lanier
Click for Utube video -  flying in 30mph wind showing stability and great gliding capabilities  of P&M aircraft
For Sale Airborne Redback Trike For Sale Airborne Redback Trike
Redback makes  a good training trike  - slow take- off and landing speeds, but is at its best in smooth air