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Flight To Fly-in at Gilbert Airpack (SC45) near Columbia SC
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A few photos from a flight from Jackson County (19A) to the Autumn fly in at Gilbert Air Park (SC45) - 130 miles -  I get a mention in the fly-in article plus a few pictures of my trike - link to EAA Chaper 1467 Gilbert Fly-in
Right - Line-up of aircraft - my trike is in foreground Below Right - P&M Aviation Quik GTR trike -  hangar where lunch was served in background Below Left- I flew part of the flight back at 7000ft above the cloud - air is very smooth above the clouds
P&M Aviation GTR Trike P&M Aviation GTR Trike at 7000ft P&M Aviation GTR  at 7000Ft
Left - Instruments - you can see Electric trim is set fast, Course is 300 degrees, Top left instrument ASI 80mph, Centre VSI showing level flight, Right Altimeter showing 7000ft, square display is the engine monitor, check lists on right Below Left - Nice grass air field Below Right - Spacious hangar - it was a great Lunch!